Board of Supervisors

Regular Monthly Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM with the

exception of the June meeting which will be held the 1st Tuesday at 7:00 PM.

The June meeting has been rescheduled for June 9, 2020 at 7:00 PM.

All meetings are held at the Municipal Building and are open to the public.

Work Session Meeting will be held the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM if needed.

Edward Malloy



Serving Since 2008

Elected in 2019  

Term Ends 2025

Thomas Marshall

Vice Chairman  


Serving Since 2019

Elected in 2019  

Term Ends 2023

Shawn Malackanich



Serving Since 2019 

Elected in 2019    

Term Ends 2021

Planning Commission

4 Year Term

Name                                      Term to Expire

Eric Parrish - Chairman          12/31/2023

Donald Moore - Vice Chair    12/31/2020

Daniel Domsic                        12/31/2020

James Behrle                           12/31/2021

James Harvey                          12/31/2022

Jeanie Parish - Secretary         N/A

Zoning Hearing Board

3 Year Term

Name                                      Term to Expire

Daniel Foxall - Chairman        12/31/2022

Brian Johnson - Vice Chair     12/31/2021

Alice Allision                          12/31/2020

Gavin Buxton - Alternate        12/31/2020 

Daisy R. Spearing - Secretary   N/A

Recreation Board

5 Year Term

Name                                          Term to Expire

Cindy McWilliam                      12/31/2020

Melanie Maslo - Sectary            12/31/2020

Scott Ware                                  12/31/2020

George Girata - Vice Chair        12/31/2022 

Pat Hysong - Chairperson          12/31/2023

Carl Platko                                 12/31/2023

Shawn Malackanich - Superviosr      N/A

Daisy R Spearing - Treasurer             N/A


6 Year Term

Name                                           Term to Expire

Kortney Berg - Appointed            12/31/2021

Brendan Jones - Appointed          12/31/2021

Michelle C Platko - Appointed    12/31/2021




1 Year Term

Position                                                                            Name                                                Term to Expire

Sewage Enforcement Officer                                       Jeff Winkle                                              12/31/2020

Alternate Sewage Enforcement Officer                       Mike Groves                                            12/31/2020

Emergency Management Coordinator                         Sean Marshall                                          12/31/2020

Vacancy Hearing Board                                               Fred Weigel                                              12/31/2020

Veterans Service Center                                               Vito Farelli                                               12/31/2020

*The members of the Planning Commission, Zoning Hearing Board, Recreation Board, Emergency Management Coordinator, Alternate Sewage Enforcement Officer, Vacancy Hearing Board, and Veterans Service Center Advisory Board are appointed at the reorganization meeting held annually in January. If you have an interest in any of these appointed positions please forward a letter of interest to the Township Office no later than November 30.