Recycling Update


There has been an ongoing issue with people throwing their bags into the recycling truck and trailer when depositing their recyclables.


We have been informed by the recycling company that they will not permit us to bring our recyclables to their facility if this continues. We have already moved companies once due to this issue. If this does not stop immediately the Supervisors will have no choice but to discontinue recycling in the Township completely. Please pass this information on to everyone you know who uses this service.

Your bags are not to be left on the fence either, they must be taken with you. 

The recycling bin is available at the Raccoon Twp Municipal Building the second weekend

 of every month as per the original schedule.


  • Cardboard will no longer be accepted.

  • Please do not leave any items

       on the ground-violators will be fined.

  • You must empty your recyclables out of the bags, DO NOT LEAVE ANY BAGS in with the recyclables, we will be charged fees. 

  • #1 & #2 Plastic are the only plastics accepted at this time. 

2021 Collection Dates are as follow:

Jan 8-9          Feb 12-13    Mar 12-13   Apr 9-10  

May 14-15    June 11-12  July 9-10      Aug 13-14

Sept 10-11   Oct 8-9         Nov 12-13   Dec 10-11

If the recycling truck is full when you arrive please deposit your recycling in the recycling trailer parked outside the fence.


If you require assistance, an attendant will be available Saturday 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM.


You may drop your recycling off at any of these locations:


First full weekend - Independence
Second full weekend - Raccoon
Third full weekend - Hanover
Fourth full weekend - Greene

Dumpster Rules

The Dumpster will reopen April 1, 2021.

Ordinance No 2016-5 Dumpster 


Per Ordinance # 2016-5 dated December 13, 2016 there is a disposal fee that must be paid prior to the disposal of any waste into the Township Dumpster as follows:


$10.00 – SUV/Car Load

$15.00 – Pickup Truck

$25.00 – Excessive Load


 Once reopened the hours will be:

Monday –Friday

8:00 AM – 2:30 PM


The dumpster is for Raccoon Township residents only. You must bring proof of residency and payment to the Township Office to obtain the key to the dumpster.

The dumpster will no longer be

open on the weekends at all. 

Dumpster hours are subject to change

due to vacations, illness, or meetings. 

Please join our mailing list to receive

emails on closures.


Any person found to be in violation of this ordinance may be fined up to $300.00, this includes leaving any items outside the fence. Please review the full ordinance if you have any questions on this matter.


Reminder: Absolutely no tires, batteries, appliances with Freon, electronics, computers, TVs or monitors, paints, biomedical, liquids or hazardous waste.

Paper Bin

We also have a paper bin available at the Township Office to recycle your paper waste.


You can deposit most paper products: newspapers, magazines, office and school papers, shopping catalogs, mail. 

You are also permitted to deposit hard or soft back books along with thin cardboard, for example cereal boxes or Kleenex boxes.

Veterans Clothing Donation Bin

Veterans Clothing Donations Box.jpg

There is a clothing donation bin located at the Township Building. The bin benefits the Paralyzed Veterans of America. 

Please consider donating clothes, shoes, linens, toys and miscellaneous items for local Veterans and their families.